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How To Keep The House Clean While Decorated For The Holidays


Brace yourself for special decorating season!

It starts with the first leaf falling – and you find yourself checking in the closet and underneath the bed to begin lining the boxes in chronological order for the upcoming holidays for decorating. It starts with Halloween and ends at New Years, with other holidays in-between. If you have little ones, you probably have a box or three for each holiday to extend the cheer for the remaining months of 2019. Now, how do you keep it all clean through the season?

Start with a deep cleaning

As you clear spaces for your holiday décor, it’s a great time to do a deep cleaning on the areas you plan to decorate or your entire house if it’s been a while. If you’re looking to do it yourself, check out our blog from earlier this year: Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros. Of course, another excellent option is to book Maid to Glow for a good cleaning with our 40 point checklist or choose some extras for even deeper cleaning. You can do so in less than 60 seconds. A good cleaning gives you a blank slate to begin your many decorating campaigns, and you won’t be so concerned about what may be lurking behind your decorations.

Decorate strategically

As you think of the placement of each of your items, consider how you will be keeping the area tidy around your decorations. For instance, you don’t want decorations that will tangle and get damaged as you try to vacuum around them. The last thing you want is to have to dismantle your decorating scheme every time you wish to tidy up or vacuum.
Consider the breakable favorites, especially if you have small children or animals. Cats jumping up on the mantle to investigate new items of interest can knock them down. Little ones pushing their toys or curiously inspecting your decorations can be a hazard to the décor as well as the child. For a couple of years, these toys are irresistible no matter how many times you say “No.” It’s best to keep them away until the age of fascination passes.

Cleaning around the decorations

When cleaning, a feather duster (or some synthetic equivalent) is your best friend. Another great tool is the brush attachment on the vacuum to dust around the décor without having to take it all down. Take a couple of minutes to inspect your decoration scheme’s integrity. It might even be fun to do some rearranging each week if you feel the ambition to do so. It holds the interest of your children to see your next rendition of holiday decorations, keeping the season one of wonder and excitement.

Extra attention between holidays

As you swap from one holiday to another, take the opportunity to give a quality dusting before you set up for the next holiday. Better yet, plan it before your next Maid to Glow visit, and they will take care of a good cleaning and a blank slate for your next box of decorations.
Do you have a standing reservation for regular Maid to Glow cleanings? If you love our service, enjoy additional discounts by increasing your frequency of visits. We are happy to help keep your home pristine between holidays for your list of visitors!

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