How to manually charge customers

Charging customers is easy! You can automatically set up Maidily to charge customers through our automation feature or you can do it manually directly from the Job related to the Customer!

From the Customer page view select the Job which you want to charge for

In the Job details page click into the Job status drop down menu and select the correct Job statuses – as the job progresses through completion.

Once ready to charge select ‘Completed’ from the Job status menu

Once the Job is charged the Job status will be set to ‘Paid’

If the Job is set to a recurring subscription it will automatically recreate the next Job for the correct date and time.

How to add recurring cleanings to Jobs

In order to create recurring cleanings you have to ‘Activate’ the recurring subscriptions through the Pricing module.

Once the desired recurring subscriptions are set to “Active’ and all necessary information is filled out (discounts and prices) you can select from the ‘Active’ subscriptions when you create a ‘New Job’ or when you ‘Edit a Job’

  1. Click Edit/Add Job
  2. Select from Subscriptions dropdown
  3. Scroll down Click ‘Save’/’Update booking’

*Once the Job status is set to ‘Paid’ by first setting the Job status to ‘Completed’ then charging the customer (the status will then automatically be set to ‘Paid’) by pressing the ‘Charge’ button in the top right the job will be automatically recreated and placed on the calendar if its a recurring subscription.*

How to create and send an invoice

1. Create a customer

2. Create a job

3. Add your job duration (only applies if you have selected Hourly pricing in Settings -> General) – this is not a requirement for creating invoices

4. Add your rate (hourly in USD) – this is not a requirement for creating invoices

5. Add your custom line items that will show up on the invoice, including pricing for each item (USD)

6. You can see the line items being added in the Payment details section to the right

7. Click on View/Send Invoice in the top right when ready to preview and send

8. Clicking on Send Invoice will send the invoice to the customers email. Clicking on Print Invoice will prepare it for printing.

9. If your Maidily account is integrated with Stripe, your customers will have the ability to pay the invoice directly through a secure online link that will appear for them.

10. Once the Invoice is sent the Job status will automatically be set to Invoice Sent

11. If the invoice can be paid online by the customer, the job status will automatically switch to Paid (if it’s a recurring job it will be automatically recreated on the schedule).

How to Integrate Twilio

Here’s a step by step for Twilio so that you can send automated text message reminders and receipts to customers: 

Here’s a good Knowledge Article for setting up automation – Job & Customer Reminder Automation Set Up

Twilio Integration: 
1. Create a Twilio account 2. Create a Twilio number by clicking on “Buy Number”

3. At creation – make sure that the number has SMS enabled capabilities 

4. Go to Twilio’s Dashboard page 5. Copy the Account SID and Auth Token (click on “Show” then copy)

6. Inside of Maidily got to Settings -> Integrations – Twilio 

7. Click on “Disconnected” 

8. Enter your Twilio phone number – please include the +1 in front of it: +16784690290 

9. Copy the Account SID and Auth Token into the corresponding fields

10. Scroll down and click “Save” 

How to Integrate MailChimp

You have to integrate your MailChimp account in order to use our Website Pop Up. After following the directions in this Knowledge article jump into How to Add a Website Pop Up and start collecting emails!

Steps to follow:

1. Create a free MailChimp account 

2. Create a MailChimp audience

3. Get your MailChimp audience 

4. Click on the Audience tab

5. Then click on Manage Audience on the right

6. Then click on Settings

7. Click into Audience name and campaign defaults

8. Copy and paste your Audience Key from MailChimp into Maidily (Settings –> Integrations)

9. Click into your Account in the top right – click into “Account”

10. Click on the “Extras” tab and Select API Keys

11. Scroll down to your API Key section – just create one if none exist – 

12. Once you create it – copy and paste that API Key into Maidily – (Settings –> Integrations) under the MailChimp section, next to the key you copied and pasted for your Audience. Click Connect

13. Click Save at the bottom of the page!

Thats it! Simple right?

How to Integrate Stripe

Our payment processing is done through Stripe! You will need to set up a Stripe account (free) in order to take credit cards/debit cards through Maidily.

Stripe’s fees are 2.5% and $0.30 per successful card transaction.

Once you have your Stripe account just follow these steps to connect it to Maidily:

  1. In your Stripe account navigate to “Developers” on the left hand side
  2. Click on API Keys
  3. Copy your Publishable key and Secret key (please make sure that the toggle switch for “View test data” is toggled to the left)
  1. Inside your Maidily account navigate to Settings -> Integrations
  2. Under the Stripe section click on “Disconnected”
  3. Paste the Publishable and Secret keys in their representative boxes
  4. Scroll down at the bottom of the page and click “Save”

If your Secret key is not showing in full (the same length and look as your Publishable key) you will have to roll the key in order to create a new so it can appear in full.

Once done, navigate back into Settings -> General and scroll down to the “Business info” section and toggle “On” the “Require and show card information for payment” switch.

All done! You can now take credit card payments on Maidily!

You will have the option to add a credit card under a customer when you are first creating them in this section:

You will be able to select from multiple credit cards under 1 customer when you create a Job in the “Payment” section of the page:

Have questions? Email us:

Job & Customer Reminder Automation Set Up

Use our powerful automation tool to propel your cleaning business to the next level. Check out our video below!

1. Set up Job Charging Automation through Settings (Settings –> General) and have Jobs automatically charge and send email/text receipts to customers! Check out our Templates to see what these notifications look like!

Turn “On” Payment and Receipt Automation

Once the Status for a job is automatically set to “Paid” from the automation the job will recreate itself on the calendar, if it’s a recurring cleaning.

2. Set up Customer Reminder Automation through Settings (Settings __> General) and have Customer Reminders automatically send via email/text.

Turn “On” Text and Email Reminder Automation

Customers will receive an email/text reminder On/Before (set the number of days On/Before the scheduled date for the job). Check out our Templates to see what these notifications look like!

Job Automation & Customer Reminder Automation Walkthrough

Templates Set Up & Customer Email/Text Notifications

Our powerful email notification system is design to be easy to use but powerful enough to grab the attention of your customers so you never have a “forgotten” appointment.

Here’s a walkthrough of how to set up and check your Templates (Settings –> Templates)

Please note that booking confirmation and cancelation receipt emails automatically send to customers upon job creation/cancelation!

Templates Set Up Walkthrough

Creating Products and Standardized Pricing

Watch the video below to learn how to create products and set pricing. Setting up and activating 4 main Products is a requirement for creating Customers/Jobs.

All fields need to be filled out for the following Products:

  1. One time cleaning needs to be Activated (pricing cannot be edited)
  2. Per Bedroom needs to be Activated with a price set
  3. Per Bathroom
  4. Base Price

We have a Standardized Pricing methodology which includes setting a Base Price for your service (customers won’t see this if you choose to integrate our automated booking form and checkout for customers to use) and setting up pricing for our Per Bedroom and Per Bathroom products – this will determine the cost of a One time cleaning for your business.

How to set up products and pricing

Creating Customers and Jobs

Before you can create New Customers and New Jobs associated with those customers we need to define operational hours, max number of appointments you can take in one day, arrival window of time, and finally we need to define your pricing for your Products: One time cleaning, bi weekly cleaning, monthly, and so on.

1. Let’s set up the products (please refer to this article for more in depth detail) – set up pricing and activate the Per Bathroom/Bedroom products, the Base Pricing, and One time cleaning products.

2. Let’s create a customer – pretty straightforward – just go to Customer – New Customer.

3. Let’s set the operational hours (please refer to this article for more in depth detail), max # of appointments you can take in a day, arrival and window times under Settings – General. After that we can create Jobs under our Customers!