Why Your Cleaning Business Needs a Website

We live in a digital age where a variety of communication, research, and decisions are made using online resources. 

While word-of-mouth recommendations for your cleaning business are still valuable, how they get passed along from person to person has changed. Nowadays, word-of-mouth can be considered “word-of-text” or “word-of-email.” 

This makes having an easy to use, mobile-friendly website for your cleaning business a necessity, especially if you want to compete with other industry leaders.

A cleaning business website will not only enable your current customers to more easily share your company with their friends and family but it will provide you, as a business owner, with numerous benefits. 

Online marketing with a website is key to finding success as a cleaning company. Your cleaning business needs a website and here are all the benefits it will bring:

A Cleaning Business Website Lands Your More Customers

When someone is interested in hiring a cleaning service for personal or commercial buildings, they often have one main goal: to end up with a sparkling clean space. Rather than a potential customer having to spend time looking for pricing, contacting your business, and waiting for a response to find a time that works for everyone, a website enables you and your customers to get the information they need with less time in between. 

A cleaning business website that is optimized for the service industry offers online booking and checkout options. This quick, easy, and streamlined process is essential in landing more customers. With your booking process highlighted on the front page of your website, customers don’t have to search for a contact number or wait to hear back from you. They can get what they came for: a clean space.

A Cleaning Business Website Hosts Reviews 

While Yelp and Google reviews are an important tool for businesses, having reviews on your cleaning business website is another way for potential customers to learn more about your service from a customer’s perspective. 

People trust referrals more than advertising. In fact, studies have found that 92% of customers believe referrals from friends and family are more trustworthy than advertisements from a company. And 88% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust the opinion of their friends and family.

While a company can claim whatever they want about themselves via an advertisement, hearing from actual customers is what helps potential customers make their final decision. Having multiple reviews on multiple platforms, including your own website, is key to landing more customers.

Nowadays, if any company doesn’t have at least a basic website, their validity may be questioned. A cleaning business website is a way for you to show the online world that you are a legitimate business with expertise in your industry. 

By having a clear, easy-to-navigate website for your potential customers to view prior to hiring you, they will get a sense of who you are and what you do, which will begin to establish trust. And consumers are more likely to work with a company they know, like, and trust. 

A Cleaning Business Website Enhances the Customer Experience

In a 2017 survey, it was reported that 84% of companies that made customer experience a priority in their marketing strategy saw an increase in their overall revenue. One easy way for cleaning businesses to enhance their current and potential customers’ experience is with a website.

With a website template tailored to the cleaning industry, you can save yourself and your customers time by optimizing the user experience with online booking and payment options and easily accessible contact information. 

A Cleaning Business Website is Cost-Effective and Provides an Immediate Online Presence 

Long gone are the days where a business has to spend thousands of dollars on traditional marketing and advertising to reach their ideal customers. With the accessibility of a web platform, you can start promoting your cleaning business to the digital world within minutes. 

Whether you tackle the task of developing a website yourself or save time and money by utilizing a customizable cleaning business website template, you can start online marketing today. The results are worth it. 

Launch a Custom Website for Your Cleaning Business With the Help of Maidily

If you are looking for ways to grow your cleaning business, land new customers, and spread the word about your services, online marketing is the place to start. With the vast benefits a website brings to your company and customers, there is no more time to waste.

At Maidily, we have developed a highly optimized cleaning business website template that produces results. Customized to your unique needs and business goals, your new website will result in high conversions and increased sales. 

As a cleaning company owner and leader in the service industry, we know what works when it comes to online marketing for cleaning companies, and we are excited to help your cleaning business grow. 
Find out more about how Maidily can launch your cleaning business website today!