How to create and send an invoice

1. Create a customer

2. Create a job

3. Add your job duration (only applies if you have selected Hourly pricing in Settings -> General) – this is not a requirement for creating invoices

4. Add your rate (hourly in USD) – this is not a requirement for creating invoices

5. Add your custom line items that will show up on the invoice, including pricing for each item (USD)

6. You can see the line items being added in the Payment details section to the right

7. Click on View/Send Invoice in the top right when ready to preview and send

8. Clicking on Send Invoice will send the invoice to the customers email. Clicking on Print Invoice will prepare it for printing.

9. If your Maidily account is integrated with Stripe, your customers will have the ability to pay the invoice directly through a secure online link that will appear for them.

10. Once the Invoice is sent the Job status will automatically be set to Invoice Sent

11. If the invoice can be paid online by the customer, the job status will automatically switch to Paid (if it’s a recurring job it will be automatically recreated on the schedule).

Job & Customer Reminder Automation Set Up

Use our powerful automation tool to propel your cleaning business to the next level. Check out our video below!

1. Set up Job Charging Automation through Settings (Settings –> General) and have Jobs automatically charge and send email/text receipts to customers! Check out our Templates to see what these notifications look like!

Turn “On” Payment and Receipt Automation

Once the Status for a job is automatically set to “Paid” from the automation the job will recreate itself on the calendar, if it’s a recurring cleaning.

2. Set up Customer Reminder Automation through Settings (Settings __> General) and have Customer Reminders automatically send via email/text.

Turn “On” Text and Email Reminder Automation

Customers will receive an email/text reminder On/Before (set the number of days On/Before the scheduled date for the job). Check out our Templates to see what these notifications look like!

Job Automation & Customer Reminder Automation Walkthrough

Templates Set Up & Customer Email/Text Notifications

Our powerful email notification system is design to be easy to use but powerful enough to grab the attention of your customers so you never have a “forgotten” appointment.

Here’s a walkthrough of how to set up and check your Templates (Settings –> Templates)

Please note that booking confirmation and cancelation receipt emails automatically send to customers upon job creation/cancelation!

Templates Set Up Walkthrough

How to Set Up Payroll

You can set pay for your employees/contractors within Maidily in the Payroll tab in Settings. We have 2 options for pay/wages – fixed and percentage based pay.


1. Click on the Settings gear icon in the top right

2. Click on the Payroll tab

3. Click on the Payroll Method drop down box and select either Percentage based pay or Fixed

a. Fixed: Pay is a fixed dollar amount per job

b. Percentage: Pay is a percentage of the total job value

Pay TypePay Type

4. Click on Payroll Value and define the value (how much pay will be. For example: 20% as a percentage of each job or $50 per job

5. Scroll down on the page after you are done and click on Save in the bottom right

6. Happy Cleaning!

How to Add a Website Pop Up

Our pop up can be easily implemented on your website so you can collect emails as potential customers visit your website by enticing them with deals/specials/discounts.

Our integration with MailChimp will allow the collected email addresses to be synced with your MailChimp list! MailChimp accounts are free to create check how to create an account here – How to Create a MailChimp Account

Just as a reminder a website is required for the website pop up to be functioning.

To set up our website pop up follow the directions below:

    1. 1. Go to Settings

2. Click on Web Integrations tab

3. Scroll all the way down to the Website Pop up

Website Pop Up How To

4. Follow the instructions and embed the short code in the tags of your website

5. While still in Settings click into the Integrations

6. In the MailChimp connector section click on Connect and follow the steps (a MailChimp account AND an audience list built out is required)

Website Pop Up 2

7. Once you are successfully integrated with MailChimp the button on the right will change to “Connected”

8. While in Settings click into the Templates tab

9. From the Templates, on the left side click into Website Pop Up

Website Pop Up 3

a. In the 1st section of the template editor you can upload your logo, the background, chose if you want to show the pop up (Show Discount?), select the discount code, (from discount codes you’ve created in the Discounts function – How to create discount codes?), and the timed delay before the pop up on your website

b. In the 2nd section of the template editor you can use the rich text editor to write your promotional message

Website Pop Up 4

c. In the 3rd section you’ll see a preview of what your pop up will look like on your website

d. Scroll down and hit Save – That’s it! Your done! Go to your website and check

Webiste Pop Up 5

Setting Operating Hours

1. Click on the “Settings” icon in the top right (gear icon)

2. In the “General” scroll down to the “Operating Hours” section

3. Select the days of the week that you are open for business (delete and/or add the days individually). This will also set the days that you will see in the “Scheduling” Calendar

4. Set your operating hours using the dropdown boxes under “Hours of operation” to set the start and end times – this will determine the time shown on your calendar and also your scheduling blocks for jobs

5. Hit Save!

In our example, XYZ cleaning is open Monday – Sunday, and so they’ve selected: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the Operating Hours section. They’ve also set their Hours of Operation to 8:00am – 4:00pm.

Let’s see what it looks like in the scheduling calendar:

Add / Delete / Inactivate Users

In Maidily there are 3 Profile Types with different Permissions:

1. Admins

2. Managers

3. Maids

Admins (Full Access) are Users who signed up for Maidily or created Users from within Maidily. Admins have full accessibility and visibility into the system.

Managers (Partial Access) are super users! Managers cannot change Subscription or the billing details to the Maidily account, otherwise they have full visibility otherwise.

Maids (Limited Access) are the backbone to your operations. You can add a maid from two places: either from the Maids tab or from the Users tab in settings.


Adding Maids from the Maids Tab


1. Click on “Add Maid” button in top right corner

2. Upload photo of maid by clicking camera on profile picture (optional)

3. Enter contact information

4. Set Maid availability

a. These are the times that the system will know to allow to show for the specific maid

5. (Optional) Enter Birthday

a. We highly recommend this though as you shouldn’t ever forget your employees birthdays!

6. Select “Save Maid”

7. Done!

8. Need to edit later? Just click on the profile of the maid you want to edit and select “Edit Maid” in top right corner


Adding Users (Admins/Managers/Maids) from the Settings → Users Tab


1. Click on the gear icon, “Settings”, on the left panel

2. Click on the “Users” tab

3. Click on the “+Add” button in the top right corner

4. Select the Profile Type: Admin, Maid, Manager

5. Fill out all other information

6. Email and Password are required and will be used for logging into Maidily

7. Save the user and they will receive an email for logging in!




1. To view your Permissions or the Permissions of a User go to Settings → Users

2. Click on the User’s name

3. Check in the profile for the permission, depending on which Profile type it is – their permissions will be displayed in the “Permissions” box

4. From here you can Edit and Deactivate/Activate and Delete the User the User