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Using Products

Using Products

19 Products that come with Maidily: 8 Standard Products/11 Extras

1. Standard Product Type

a. Standard Product Types are Subscriptions that allow customers to book in different frequencies: Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Weekly, etc

b. Subscription based frequencies sync with your Scheduling with the Jobs auto-populating within Scheduling if it is a reoccurring cleaning

c. Subscription show up on the Booking Calculator Form and at Checkout form and if active on your website it will allow customers to choose from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the frequency of the cleaning (based on your Active Subscription Type Products)

2. Pricing Product Type

a. Base price is the base price that you set for a cleaning and it is required – it determines pricing for the rest of the Subscriptions

b. Bedrooms and Bathrooms are required Pricing products that work with the Base Price product to determine pricing for a One Time Cleaning (One Time Cleaning = Base Price + Cost per Bedroom + Cost per Bathroom)

3. Extras Product Type

a. Extras can be created and offered to customers to choose from in addition to the standard cleaning of the home.

b. Extras can be manually chosen at job creation or on job edit

c. They are also synced with the Checkout form if you have online checkout available and set up for customers to be able to book a cleaning and include any Extras that are available to them (must be set to “Active” status)

d. Multiple Quantity can be added for more than 1 Extra to be done, such as: Windows, Blinds, Laundry Loads, Carpet Cleaning