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How to Integrate Twilio

Here's a step by step for Twilio so that you can send automated text message reminders and receipts to customers: 

Here's a good Knowledge Article for setting up automation - Job & Customer Reminder Automation Set Up

Twilio Integration: 
1. Create a Twilio account 2. Create a Twilio number by clicking on "Buy Number"

3. At creation - make sure that the number has SMS enabled capabilities 

4. Go to Twilio's Dashboard page 5. Copy the Account SID and Auth Token (click on "Show" then copy)

6. Inside of Maidily got to Settings -> Integrations - Twilio 

7. Click on "Disconnected" 

8. Enter your Twilio phone number - please include the +1 in front of it: +16784690290 

9. Copy the Account SID and Auth Token into the corresponding fields

10. Scroll down and click "Save"